Our unique outsource model brings you world-class capability and speed-to-scale, delivered with robust governance to balance costs and risk.

If your business depends on enterprise solutions like those from SAP and Oracle, you know how difficult and expensive it can be to find the resources and skills you need when you need them. We have a unique solution to your problems that will get you the expertise you need, either on the ground in New Zealand or offshore, at the right price and at the right time.

Through our global-local business model, you can tap into world-class enterprise development, maintenance and support capabilities that can scale up or down as you need them. At the same time, we give you the security of having a direct contractual relationship with Optimation that ensures clear project ownership, robust risk management and strong governance.

Government and private sector customers like the Department of Corrections and Vodafone appreciate the scale, resource flexibility and highly competitive cost models we can offer across enterprise solutions from companies including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, EMC and Filenet.

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