Optimation’s Testing practice is led by a hands-on team of senior professionals. We understand how to plan and execute effective testing strategies and programmes to reduce waste in testing while producing high quality deliverables that are directly linked to business outcomes. Our practice model enables us to make significant investments in developing our people, methodologies, thought leadership, and governance. The majority of our staff are ISTQB qualified.

At the core of our approach to testing is our scalable, ISTQB-aligned Optimation Test Framework. The Optimation Test Framework is guided by industry best practices such as TMMi and ISTQB, but the real value we bring is our pragmatic and flexible approach. We won’t push you into a one-size-fits-all model. Instead, we apply design-led thinking to understand your organisational risk profile, align your IT initiatives with your business outcomes, and then determine what this means for getting your testing priorities and strategy right.

A design-led approach means we identify critical information and requirements at the start of the lifecycle, rather than discovering them when it is too late, too costly, or too risky to make changes. Design-led testing also ensures you know exactly what and how you need to test based on the outcomes you require, avoiding both under-testing and over-testing or unnecessary testing. Read more about our outsourced software testing services

Optimation’s Test Framework:

  • Reduces wasted effort and cost in testing
  • Provides a robust model for aligning test priorities and testing strategy with business outcomes
  • Delivers lower Total Cost of Quality when and where it counts

Test Framework at a glance


  • Gating process for entry and exit criteria
  • Reporting and risk mitigation


  • Agile
  • Waterfall


  • Functional
  • Non-functional
  • User acceptance
  • Systems


  • System
  • Integration
  • Regression
  • User acceptance


  • We can work with all major test management and defect management tools


  • Can be adapted for small, medium, and large projects
  • Web-based and client-server
  • Suitable for highly complex and integrated testing programmes


  • Test Strategy
  • Test Plan
  • Test Estimation
  • Test Scenarios
  • Test Scripts