Development and System Integration

Our development and system integration professionals are empowered and expected to deliver unrivaled value for our customers. To achieve this, they are supported by a foundation of strong governance, appropriate project management rigour, and reusable, standards-based methods, tools and processes. Our collaborative culture fosters knowledge sharing across teams and roles, so that our clients maximise the benefits of our combined skills, knowledge and experience.

As technology agnostics, we aren’t driven by the need to deploy a particular technology or toolset because that’s all we know. Instead, our team brings deep capability and expertise across all major technologies, both proprietary and open source. We always start by understanding and defining your business problem and the outcomes you require. Only once we are clear about the end goal do we help you choose the technologies and approach that will work best to get you there.

Partnering for optimal results

The drive for enhanced business intelligence and analytics, the rapid consumerisation of IT, and the emergence of new paradigms like cloud computing and big data makes it almost impossible to achieve sustained business value from a single point solution or technology. That’s why we work with our strategic partners to bring our clients a full toolkit of products, platforms, and evolving knowledge that are needed to deliver business innovation.

Tailored engagement

Our tailored engagement models can range from targeted resource augmentation through to full project ownership. Flexible delivery options, including blended onshore/offshore and onsite/offsite, mean customers can maximise speed-to-scale while ensuring the project team is optimised at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Outcomes-focused delivery methodology

The Optimation Way is our outcomes-based framework for design, delivery, and on-going support. The Optimation Way provides clear ownership and accountability for deliverables and outcomes at every stage of the lifecycle while also unambiguously defining scope, budget, and responsibilities. Whether a deliverable or outcome is owned by our team, by your internal team, or by a third party, our governance and risk management frameworks and mature, standards-based approach to SDLC means that expectations will be met and nothing will slip through the cracks. 


Enterprise platforms and solutions

  • Google, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and other enterprise vendors
  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications
  • Large-scale bespoke development across Java, Microsoft, and open source platforms
  • Cloud computing, big data, enterprise search, and geospatial intelligence
  • Specialist expertise in telco infrastructure and system integration
  • Specialist expertise in the global insurance supply chain
  • Specialist expertise in multilingual development and internationalisation

Toolsets and technologies

  • Microsoft .Net and BI
  • Java and J2EE - Eclipse, Hibernate, Strut, Spring, JBOSS tools…
  • Portals, middleware and integration - Websphere, Weblogic, Mule…
  • Google Earth & Maps for the Enterprise, Enterprise Search, Google Search Appliance, Google Apps
  • Mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Windows 

Optimation Reference Architecture

  • Industry standard Microsoft .Net technologies
  • A library of reusable components for common core tasks such as user management, auditing, and reporting
  • Workflow options to handle varying levels of business process complexity
  • Industry standard design patterns and structures

Development methodologies

  • Waterfall
  • Feature driven development
  • Agile
  • Mixed

End-to-end approach

  • Business Design and Solution Architecture
  • Testing, including automated testing
  • Support