IT Strategy

Translating strategy into tangible business outcomes


Organisations are very good at defining strategies, visions, goals and objectives. However, all too often, the translation from IT strategy to delivery is done poorly, so change programmes fail to deliver on the business vision.

When IT strategy is disconnected from business outcomes, there is limited understanding of the full impact of change or of the capability needed to deliver. Strategic planning and project delivery become siloed within business units and there is no overall visibility or accountability. The results are all too familiar, as projects are initiated that never deliver to expectations, are over budget, and are dramatically late.

Business Benefits

Strategy Execution ensures the IT innovation lifecycle is effectively designed and managed to realise sustained benefits from business transformation. We can help you:

  • Deploy a proven, repeatable framework to directly connect high level strategy and business outcomes to IT projects, capabilities and deliverables
  • Create clarity around how to implement strategy and drive transformation to lift business performance
  • Anticipate and manage enterprise change impact across people, processes, and platforms
  • Ensure on-going alignment of IT plans, projects and programmes with strategic priorities
  • Clearly measure and demonstrate how strategic benefits are being delivered
  • Close the gaps between current capacity / capability and strategic demands

Key Capabilities

  • Development and validation of business strategy and ISSPs
  • Roadmap to portfolio planning (work packages)
  • Business change programme design
  • Long-term business and technology road mapping
  • Business architecture definition
  • Capabilities-driven target operating model definition

Business Benefits

  • Ensures strategic initiatives deliver tangible, measureable business outcomes
  • Visibility and accountability to support more informed investment
  • Improved risk management
  • Better decision-making through increased confidence in strategy
  • Priorities and common capabilities effectively balanced across projects and programmes
  • Reduced waste and cost
  • Effective change management across the enterprise
  • Clarity of traceability from strategy to delivery means communicating progress becomes real for all stakeholders


Here’s how our clients are benefiting from strategy execution.

growth graph

We worked with SaaS vendor GeoOp to define a technology strategy capable of supporting a 700% growth in users over the next three years.


At OSPRI, we have defined a strategy and work programme to support a complete business transformation from delivering a single scheme (as TBFree NZ) to operating multiple schemes and becoming the single information hub for New Zealand’s primary sector.


At Optimation, we work with smart enabling technologies to design and implement solutions that provide enterprises with a new level of automation in management systems required for effective and efficient strategy execution.


To deliver an aggregated, consolidated view of enterprise data and enable collaborative decision management.

location map
Google Geospatial

Enable discovery, integration and visualisation of location-based data to enrich business insights.

Smartlogic Semaphore

Semantic search, metadata classification and content intelligence delivering significant productivity and cost benefits.

google search
Google Enterprise Search

Integrate information search and discovery across all your enterprise platforms and repositories