Enterprise Awareness

Leveraging collective intelligence to maintain strategic alignment and focus

What we do

Our approach to maintaining enterprise awareness improves business performance by improving governance across the integration of outcomes, performance, risk and change. We can help you:

  • Design decision frameworks that enable integrated governance and shared understanding
  • Design and implement decision support, business analytics and information management solutions that provide a single aggregated source of the truth
  • Leverage the collective intelligence of the enterprise through the design and implementation of collaborative decision management solutions
  • Increase the level of automation in decision management processes to improve decision quality and reduce management overhead
  • Design and implement change strategies to promote fact-based, transparent decision making and management
  • Enable disruptive innovation in the governance and management of the enterprise

Key Capabilities

  • Designing and implementing solutions that enable integrated management control across the organisation
  • Design led thinking in cognitive decision support, decision frameworks and collaborative decision management
  • Data aggregation, integration and visualisation
  • Developing change strategies to leverage the collective intelligence of the enterprise and deliver transparency of accountability
  • Integrating information strategies and analytics capabilities
  • Selection, implementation and integration of real-time analytical technologies

Business Benefits

  • Improved decision quality and risk management
  • Strategy connected to operations to deliver better business outcomes
  • Agility and capability to successfully manage sustained business change
  • A more empowered workforce operating with deeper business knowledge and intelligence
  • Prioritisation integrated across the enterprise
  • Improved productivity by reducing or eliminating duplication
  • Reduced waste and improved total cost of ownership


Here's how our clients are benefiting from enterprise awareness.

Royal Australian Air Force

The Royal Australian Air Force needed to drive stronger alignment between its strategic intent and siloed operational units. We worked with them to develop and deliver the Air Force Command Capability Framework. This is now enabling RAAF to make better decisions based on a deeper integrated understanding of all its activities. It has also generated higher levels of trust and engagement from the workforce, ensures operational alignment with strategic goals, and is delivering cost savings.

Royal Australian Navy

The Royal Australian Navy and The Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), as part of their respective Reform programs, aspired to improve their ‘information sharing environment’ with the intent of reducing the risk of maritime assets not being available when required by Chief of Navy.

Defence’s approach to innovation required that the solution evolve rapidly and facilitate new thinking. We delivered on this by deploying ThoughtWeb’s configurable software platform for building collaborative decision management solutions. The resulting Interdependent Mission Management System (IMMS) is now part of an overall Defence solution to better enable partnering and the joint management of interdependent sustainment risks.


At Optimation, we combine our deep consulting expertise and broader practice capabilities with smart enabling technologies to deliver rapid innovation and improved business performance. We are experienced in designing, integrating and implementing leading technologies to support enterprise awareness.

Smartlogic Semaphore

Semantic search, metadata classification and content intelligence delivering significant productivity and cost benefits.


To deliver an aggregated, consolidated view of enterprise data and enable collaborative decision management.

location map
Google Geospatial

Enable discovery, integration and visualisation of location-based data to enrich business insights.

google search
Google Enterprise Search

Integrate information search and discovery across all your enterprise platforms and repositories