Corporate responsibility

At Optimation, we strive to balance the social, environmental, and financial dimensions of our business, guided by the principles of the ‘triple bottom line’.


Optimation firmly believes that a healthy culture equals a healthy company. We include staff engagement and other cultural measures amongst our managers’ formal KPIs, and we actively promote and invest in staff wellness programmes. As an employer, we are well-known for offering a ‘family friendly’ workplace and we encourage and support all our staff in developing a healthy work-life balance. We also encourage and assist staff in giving back to their communities. Our workplace is multicultural and we have a good gender balance, with many women in senior roles across both technical and non-technical domains.

As a locally owned company, Optimation is committed to creating intellectually and financially rewarding jobs for New Zealanders, both within our business and across the ICT industry in general. To this end, we are involved in a range of initiatives including offering summer internships for tertiary students and programmes run by industry bodies such as IITP that expose secondary school pupils to the possibilities of ICT careers.  


As a knowledge-based business, Optimation by its nature has a relatively low environmental footprint. However, we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve the way we operate in order to reduce our impact on the planet.

We have a Sustainability policy that actively promotes recycling and seeks to reduce emissions by encouraging the use of public transport in preference to private cars for work-related activities. Support for remote working is a functional requirement in all our core systems and we are happy for staff to telecommute or work from home where this is practical. In addition, we have invested in a number of systems including video conferencing and online collaboration tools to enable virtual working by teams on different sites and to reduce the need for air travel.

We also developed and continue to support Envirostep ( ), a free online application administered by Telarc that allows all New Zealand businesses to assess and improve their environmental sustainability.


Optimation is a private company where the founding owners and key senior executives are the main shareholders. While being aware that healthy revenues and profitability are the foundations for on-going success, the shareholders have a long-term perspective and have made a conscious strategic decision to re-invest profits in order to seed future growth. This investment is focused on innovation and IP, something that we recognise ultimately means investing in smart people and high-performing teams. By committing to re-invest profit in building intellectual capital, we seek to continue to grow our company in a sustainable way and to generate more skilled employment for New Zealanders.

We have long relationships with many of our clients, some of whom have been working with us for a decade or more. This level of engagement and trust reflects our underpinning philosophy that delivering customer value and outcomes is as important as delivering to our bottom line.