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Unlocking the value of business analysis

By Katie Hannah, Business Analyst on 22 November 2016

business analysis webWhat does it mean to be a Business Analyst (BA) and how does business analysis add value to projects and business initiatives?  Although business analysis has been around for some time, it still seems to be considered by some to be rather loosely defined. While the majority of people agree on the importance of the BA role within an organisation, few truly grasp what it is a BA actually does. Perhaps this is because when a BA is good at their job, the benefits they bring are often masked. Nobody sees the time, effort and cost that has been avoided.

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10 ways to ensure technology partners deliver successful project outcomes

By Rochelle Smith, Principal Consultant on 20 January 2016

With resources tight and specialist expertise at a premium, most organisations need to engage external parties at some point to deliver specific outcomes. But we all know how common it is for IT projects to fall short of expectations or to fail altogether, and things can get very messy when multiple parties are involved. I recently attended an ISACA seminar where Hamish White, an experienced Managing Consultant and Senior Program Manager, shared some practical steps you can take in dealing with technology partners to ensure successful project outcomes.

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How to use analytics to drive successful transformation

By Ben Copsey, Managing Consultant on 17 November 2015

At the recent Wellington Analytics Forum I had the pleasure of making some opening remarks on behalf of Optimation as the event sponsor. The topic was Analytics in Government and featured James Mansell as the keynote speaker. If you're not familiar with James, you can get an insight into his approach by taking a look at this rather excellent piece of work for the Productivity Commission. 

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Should strategy or technology drive transformation?

By Paula Smith on 21 July 2015

When companies first started talking about the cloud revolution and the third platform, the conversation changed from 'technology enabling transformation' to 'technology driving transformation'. But who is right? Do you start with a strategy or with a technology?

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