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Reflections on Optimation's journey

By Neil Butler, Chairman and Founder on 11 October 2017

Neil Butler Optimation 2017As Optimation celebrates 25 years in business, it has been incredibly rewarding for me to reflect back on my own experience founding the company and seeing it flourish and grow. Since we opened our doors in a tiny office on The Terrace back in 1992, the IT industry and the wider economy have seen plenty of ups and downs. Winston Peters was in the news back then, having recently been sacked by Jim Bolger. I guess some things change, others not so much! But for a tech business 25 years is an ice-age, so we are pretty proud to be here today.

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Developing diversity in the NZ tech sector

By Sophia Hobman, Test Practice Manager on 11 September 2017

diversity in IT techOptimation was part of a strong turnout for a recent NZTech event on Developing Diversity. Over 100 people attended the panel discussion, where Colin Philip of Integration Works, Sue McLean of Transpower, Jeff Brandt of Deloitte and Emma Barrett of Intergen talked about empowering women at work. They shared personal experiences on the importance of inclusive language, the culture inside, unconscious bias, the diversity awakening, the bubble of privilege, and how we can advocate for change in our organisations.

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Preparing for DevOps culture change

By Sophia Hobman, Test Practice Lead on 31 October 2016

DevOps is fast emerging as a better way to deliver quality software to customer expectations, on time and on budget, through processes of continuous deployment. Building on the success of SCRUM, Lean, and similar Agile approaches to software design and development, it brings agile philosophies to the realm of operations and infrastructure. DevOps and continuous deployment are a radical transformation from traditional ideas about how to manage operations and production environments. This requires a step change in cultural values, and it means that any successful DevOps initiative has to consider the impact on people and the way they work, as well processes, tools, and technologies. 

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