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The CIO Agenda: What's top of mind for NZ CIOs?

By Rochelle Smith, Principal Consultant on 7 December 2016

people tech imagesWhat is top of mind for New Zealand’s Chief Information Officers (CIOs)? At a recent ISACA event I attended in Auckland, three CIOs talked about some of their key areas of focus, including IT strategy execution, cloud strategy and cloud migration, and cyber security. The CIOs were Gerben Otter of Fonterra, Shane Ohlin of Paymark, and Wilson Alley of Delegat Ltd. 

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Overcoming the challenges facing adoption of agile practices

By David Morris, Agile Practices Director on 3 October 2013

Have you tried to introduce, or are you trying to introduce, agile practices in your organisation? If so, how is it going? 

There are a few organisations who have successfully implemented agile practices across their whole organisation; re-inventing the way they structure themselves, how they interact with and treat their staff, plan and direct their strategy, provide services to and support their customers, as well as how they deliver change (the traditional home ground of agile practices). 


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Scaling Agile Practices for the Enterprise

By David Morris, Agile Practices Director on 26 September 2013

At Optimation, we’ve invested in developing our understanding and capabilities around Business Agility, because our customers are looking for ways to develop their overall responsiveness, through adopting lean governance, moving to management by coordination rather than control, combining a strategic focus with a tactical flexibility, innovating confidently while keeping it simple, maintaining the energy and connectedness of start-ups and avoiding the silos that destroy collaboration and slow everything down.

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