Royal Australian Navy on managing assets and risk in a complex environment

Posted by Optimation on 14 April 2016

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Rear Admiral Adam Grunsell from the Royal Australian Navy was one of the keynote speakers at AMPEAK, the Asset Management Council's annual conference held this week in Adelaide, Australia. In this interview on the conference website, he discussed how the principles of good asset management are applied in a complex, large-scale context like defense. He also talked about the Interdependent Mission Management System (IMMS), developed with the help of Optimation’s Enterprise Awareness and Information Management consulting capabilities and using the ThoughtWeb platform.

Rear Admiral Grunsell explains: “IMMS is used to present a shared and dynamic view of risk to Navy and our own business units. IMMS captures key data and provides visibility of sustained risk reduction activity relating to achieving capability outcomes.”

He adds: “Information is available to everyone, everywhere, at the touch of button. And, at times, we probably have too much information available to us too quickly. Probably the best lesson learnt is to understand what information you need, and how timely that information needs to be. We are constantly looking at our internal performance measures, and those of our suppliers. Being adaptable and maturing performance measures over time is extremely important in the modern world.”

You can read the full interview here, and read a case study about IMMS here.