Changing Digital Landscape in NZ

Posted by Evan Miller, Analytics Consultant on 17 December 2015

The changing digital landscape in New Zealand

The digital revolution is fundamentally changing how we operate both socially and commercially. Recent increases in mobile internet connectivity for the average New Zealander has spurred on the shift from a producer centric marketplace, to something much more customer focused.


How the digital marketplace is changing business

From 2011 to 2015 the number of mobile internet connections in New Zealand has exploded, increasing by approximately 2 million devices over the five year period. Customers now have the ability to make purchasing decisions at their fingertips, making the marketplace equally more competitive and risky for businesses which don’t embrace this paradigm shift.

In line with this disruption, businesses need to move from a reactive customer strategy, to something much more proactive and targeted in order to compete in a more interactive and rapidly changing environment.


How to best change with the digital marketplace

The first step in this proactive customer strategy is to understand who a businesses’ “ideal” customer is. With such a competitive marketplace, a business needs to not only differentiate itself in what it provides, but also to whom, and having an understanding of an “ideal” customer can help with this. Some questions to understand your ideal customer are:

  • What demographics (income, marital status, age bracket) best describe your ideal customer?
  • Which way do these customers prefer to be contacted?
  • What kind of experience does your ideal customer want?

Once you’ve got some additional information about who your ideal customer is, you can tailor how you target and interact with them, allowing you to differentiate yourself amongst your competitors.

Here at Optimation we have great experience in helping organisations to get an understanding of their ideal customers using customer analytics, and how to successfully market to them via their preferred method of interaction, especially the digital space. If you’d like to be successful in the digital marketplace and attract the type of customers you want, come talk to us today as tomorrow might be too late.