A story of trust

Posted by Craig Reid, GM Consulting on 14 March 2016


I was especially privileged to attend TEDxWellington, recently, a great event that I believe really achieved the mantra of spreading great ideas. From learning about Te Reo emersion, to the amazing healing effects of honey, to a real, yes a real, solution to the housing crisis and a guy who made what I assume is now funky type of music on old equipment. I was and I am inspired.

I have a concern though, that these great ideas and excellent ways of thinking were only reaching a few of us. The live feeds the archives etc achieve a lot, yes, but I think the true benefit of a TEDx is in the freedom to have a point of view, to express a way of thinking, to begin to make a change, something that would be a value to a much wider audience.

Optimation is the founding sponsor of TEDxWellington, we support innovation, we like new ideas, dare I say we are sometimes even diverse in our thinking... But we can do a whole lot better. So we will be taking up the mantle, letting new ideas thrive and spread the best of them to our clients, partners and whanau. But most importantly we will be listening for the opportunities that will come from being supportive and trusting. We will do this with a core belief that good practical ideas like those presented at TEDxWellington have value for all of our futures.

Thank you TEDxWellington,  To pai hoki.

To read more about the event, click here http://tedxwellington.com/blog/2016/03/10/tedxwellington-2016-review-the-story-of-trust .