Oracle & Cloud Computing

By Optimation Editor on 18 June 2011

What is Oracles cloud strategy? Having wondered this myself I decided to attend the Oracle Enterprise Cloud Computing Seminar in Wellington.

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A Kiwi Take On Microsoft WPC

By Optimation Editor on 25 May 2011

Neil and Sharon are on their way back from the US, where they attended Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference on behalf of Optimation. At huge global events like this, it can be tough to cut through the clutter and find the topics that are most relevant to us in NZ (plus, it’s easy to get sidetracked by all the cool gadgets and toys!). To make it easier, here’s a brief take on what really stood out. In between trips to LA's famous amusement parks, Sharon and Neil attended a wide range of sessions covering:

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Trend Watching: SOA And The Cloud

By Optimation Editor on 24 May 2011

Is SOA dead? Lately, there has been a lot of talk that SOA is dead.

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The XRM Trend

By Optimation Editor on 9 May 2011

XRM, or eXtended Relationship Management, is one of the many buzzwords currently floating around the CRM space, along with the likes of Social CRM, cloud computing, SaaS and many more.

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CRM 2011 Filtered Lookups - Allowing You Build More Flexible Data Structures

By Optimation Editor on 30 March 2011

A common issue encountered with CRM systems is that while modern CRM systems can be very flexible, and allow easy construction of new entities for storing data, the facilities they provide for accessing this customised data structures tend to be limited in subtle ways that may not be immediately apparent, but can have negative impacts on the system over time.

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Cloud Computing For The Non-Believer

By Optimation Editor on 15 March 2011

There's a lot of hype and attention currently around so called "cloud" computing, how it's going to revolutionise the computer industry as we know it, and possibly even cure world hunger. When you look more closely at what is (and more importantly what is not) cloud computing, it does seem to be more an evolution of technologies and how we're using them, rather than some sort of revolution that has (or is) going to change the face of computer systems forever.

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Sharpening up our competitive edge

By Optimation on 27 July 2010

Here at Optimation, we’re sharpening up our competitive edge in more ways than one with the roll out of a company-wide wellness programme and a Summer Shape Up contest. Exercise, eating and sleeping are three basics of maintaining our bodies. You would think these things are obvious. We all know we need sleep, that we need to eat well, and that exercise is vital. But the realities of life mean that actually achieving all three consistently can be tough. With work, families, illness and injuries, it’s easy to fall off the rails. For most of us, work gets squarely in the way of exercise, especially when you’re flat out on a client project. As employers, we know we need to help ourselves and our people find the time and motivation to do something good for themselves. So in Auckland, we’ve partnered with Les Mills to offer a three month Summer Shape Up programme for all of our employees, contractors or permanents. This is not just a gym membership – it’s a carefully constructed health and wellness programme where each person is given their own fitness plan that includes nutrition advice, personal training and group training sessions.

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