Overcoming the challenges facing adoption of agile practices

By David Morris, Agile Practices Director on 3 October 2013

Have you tried to introduce, or are you trying to introduce, agile practices in your organisation? If so, how is it going? 

There are a few organisations who have successfully implemented agile practices across their whole organisation; re-inventing the way they structure themselves, how they interact with and treat their staff, plan and direct their strategy, provide services to and support their customers, as well as how they deliver change (the traditional home ground of agile practices). 


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Scaling Agile Practices for the Enterprise

By David Morris, Agile Practices Director on 26 September 2013

At Optimation, we’ve invested in developing our understanding and capabilities around Business Agility, because our customers are looking for ways to develop their overall responsiveness, through adopting lean governance, moving to management by coordination rather than control, combining a strategic focus with a tactical flexibility, innovating confidently while keeping it simple, maintaining the energy and connectedness of start-ups and avoiding the silos that destroy collaboration and slow everything down.

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How should you qualify your agile practitioners?

By David Morris, Agile Practices Director on 17 September 2013

Alongside focusing on delivering value, responding well to change, and collaborating well with stakeholders, agile practices are dependent on high-performing teams of motivated practitioners who embody technical excellence and great design.

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An AgileTribe Supper with Steve Forte

By David Morris, Agile Practices Director on 13 September 2013

On 10 Sep 2013, Optimation hosted an AgileTribe supper at Everybody’s restaurant in Auckland. We invited a small number of agile practitioners from Auckland, with me hosting was Colart Miles (one of our business agility coaches at Optimation), and our guest of honour was Steve Forte – a successful serial entrepreneur, developer, MBA, and Scrum Alliance board member.

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We Are All Designers Now - (not your average Steve Jobs eulogy)

By David Morris, Agile Practice Director on 29 August 2013

When the discipline of business analysis first established itself, it was important that it be differentiated from other disciplines. Part of this distinction was that business analysis focuses on the 'what' and 'why' of a solution, rather than the 'how' – the latter being the role of solution architects, developers, and the like. 

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User Stories - How To Get An Earlier And Better Handle Of Your Customers Business Problem

By Optimation Editor on 30 May 2013

Documenting the real business problem that a project team is tasked to solve is easy when you have one local Subject Matter Expert (SME) or business owner to talk to. A discussion in front of a whiteboard will generally enable you to get a good idea of the core problem that needs to be solved. You can then use whatever style of documentation to record it as you like.

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Object Role Modelling

By Optimation Editor on 30 May 2013

In preparation for a consulting assignment I’m about to begin, I’ve been reading up and refreshing myself on the techniques available out there for modelling information. One of those techniques is one I first came across a few years ago called Object Role Modelling and in the intervening time, it seems to have become more widely accepted.

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For PMs It's Not All Handshakes And Lattes

By Gerry Martin on 19 April 2013

'It’s all about the foundations son.' Such were the fateful words uttered to me many years ago by an old builder friend. When I think of the IT programme and project management I have done in recent years, I think these simple but sage words still apply.

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Alistair Cockburn On Use Cases Vs User Stories

By Tahira Karim on 10 April 2013

Having recently attended the two-day ‘Use Cases to User Stories’ workshop with Dr Alistair Cockburn, I thought it would be great to share some of my insights and learnings with you.

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Forecast: Clearing With A Design High Approaching

By Blair Loveday on 19 March 2013

What makes two people who are madly passionate about Business Analysis want to bring a tropical storm down on their Business Analysis Practice by introducing design and design thinking?

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